We value every single customer of ours and individually approach each order, looking at all the critical features of the assignment. One of our major principles is honesty towards our purchasers. Therefore, let us elaborate on the rules of our money-back guarantee policy. It will allow us to cooperate with no problems.

As a result of our service’s reliability, excellent performance rate, and good reputation, we rarely receive refund inquiries from our customers. We provide the students that come to us for help with the ability to have their paper revised, making sure that each requirement is met.

If the situation you have corresponds with the examples mentioned in the next paragraphs, you can undoubtedly expect a refund. You should also note that it is possible to receive not only a part of the prepaid amount back but also the full cost of your order. However, it depends on several conditions.

100% refund

  1. If you have submitted two identical orders
    To cancel the order made by accident contact our support immediately. Don’t forget that the quicker it’s done, the higher the chances that your order hasn’t been given to one of the authors yet, which means that you’ll receive a complete refund. This is why you should check your order form very attentively.
  2. When we haven’t chosen a writer yet, but the order had been canceled.
    In such a case, a full refund is your inalienable right. You will always return the entire amount, having canceled the order before it was given to our writer.
  3. Possible issues with finding an available specialist for order processing.
    Our company employs only professionals that possess substantial expertise in various spheres, but even when you are that experienced, it can be tough to handle a heavy workload.
  4. One order – two bills
    Even provided that we’re very careful about managing all the payments and orders, occasionally such situations may occur. If you realize that you were charged more than once for a single order – you simply need to write to our customer support team and relay to them what happened. They will review your case and study all the details with great precision to ensure a just solution to the issue. In this case, make sure you still have the receipts copies as they would be the most important condition for receiving a refund.

Partial refund

This type of a money-back case will be approved if your situation is deemed as corresponding to one of those described down below:

  1. Late delivery
    It can happen in case of some unforeseeable circumstances. The refund is determined by various details, that’s why it’s discussed individually. Sometimes even the client’s actions or inaction can unintentionally lead to a missed deadline. Imagine a situation when a customer did not manage to supply the writer with all the needed materials in time. That’s the reason the money-back option may not be offered in case of an overshot deadline. Don’t forget to attach all the needed files on time. It will make certain that your writer delivers an exceptional paper for you without any delays.
  2. Canceling the order when it has already been given to our expert
    Under these circumstances, you’ll be able to receive only about 70% of your spendings back, and the remaining amount will be used to pay for the writer’s work done. This is implemented seeing as our writers receive their payments for the time and effort they spend, and in the case of the order cancellation, it would be unfair to deprive them of at least some money when they have already spent their energy on your order. However, if more than half of time left to the deadline passed, you’d get no more than 50% of the money back.
  3. Being unhappy with the received work
    When you have some complaints regarding the final result after receiving the order, our administration will analyze your case. If your complaint is reasonable enough, your refund request will be approved. We’re open to any clients’ comments about our company because it can help us develop and offer you only exceptional custom writing services.

  4. Plagiarized works
    It is possible to inform us about any materials in your work that have been used without correct referencing. It would help us refine the uniqueness of our works, and you, in exchange, will be offered a revision option or a partial refund.

No refund

  1. You got a mark which doesn’t correspond to your expectations
    We do our best to provide our clients only with excellent papers, but, unfortunately, those can’t always ensure the highest mark, since it often depends on your professor’s or teacher’s discretion and your own expertise on the subject (e.g., when you have to defend it).
  2. Ordering “polishing services” (formatting, proofreading, editing)
    When you order services mentioned previously, we can’t modify the content. While coping with such tasks, we only polish the form of the paper prepared by you and cannot modify its content.

Money-back process

If we confirm that your application for a refund is reasonable, it’ll take no more than five business days for your money to be given back. Work only with trustworthy banks and other organizations to get your refund because we don’t hold any liability for any problems with third-party organizations taking part in the transaction.

The money-back option is offered to our clients when the overall cost of the order is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, it is just impossible due to fees being taken out of the total amount by the money transfer services. In other cases, we can recommend you to keep the money on your account so that you could use it for future orders.