Have you always been dreaming about Harvard? Write an outstanding Harvard supplemental essay and get such a great opportunity! How to write Harvard supplemental essays so that the admission committee is impressed? Looking for the helpful answer to this question? You have come to the right place! Learn more about Harvard essay supplement.

What Are Harvard Supplemental Essays 2018?

A Harvard university supplement essay is a paper aimed at helping you to stand out. Can you imagine how many students all over the world want to enter this one of the most famous universities ranked number 2 after the Stanford? The understanding of tough competition will motivate you. Does Harvard have supplemental essays? It is not difficult to guess from the essay’s name that this type of task isn’t obligatory.

However, all students are recommended not to ignore this wonderful chance with the aim to increase the chances to be admitted. This kind of paper provides you with an additional possibility to tell about yourself. Prove that you deserve a place in the university. Think hard what to tell in an additional paper. There will be prompts to choose from. Harvard supplement essay prompt is a good way to get started as most students find it difficult to create an original topic on their own.

Here, you will find the most eye-catching topics students are always allowed to write about. This is definitely an advantage as you may think about your own exciting life experiences and share them with the admission officers. How long should the Harvard supplement essay be? Good news is that there is no Harvard supplemental essay word limit! Don’t make it less than 1 page.

Check 4 Interesting Harvard Supplemental Essay Prompts

When choosing among the topic ideas below, be guided by your own interests and choose the prompt you feel passionate about.

Prompt 1: Share your completely unique life experience: Here, tell about something very personal. Your task is to focus on your experience that has contributed to your personal growth. This may be the communication with people, places you have visited, difficult life situations, which helped to learn something very important. You have the freedom to choose both happy and sad experiences. However, keep in mind: finish with the positive thought!
Prompt 2: Write about the trips and journeys you have had so far: This paper should tell about your traveling experience in details. Try to make your story so interesting that the admissions board will read it like an adventurous story
Prompt 3: Write a letter to the future neighbor who is going to live in the same room with you: Here, you are expected to tell about yourself. Don’t miss anything important. Choose an eye-catching style of writing, including jokes and funny stories about your life. Imagine that you are really writing to your roommate and want him/her to learn who you are and which hobbies you have
Prompt 4: Tell about your achievements and impressive skills: It is high time to tell the committee what makes you special. Why do they need to give you a chance to study at the university depriving somebody else of this opportunity? Explain to your target audience that you are the one who really deserves such a chance.

Be sincere and share your story about any kind of skills that you consider worth attention. Some students make the biggest mistake telling lies about the achievements and imaginary skills when trying to make the committee like them. It is a misconception that the board expects you to be perfect. They expect you to be yourself. Tell who you are and who you are not!

Prompt 5: What makes a great leader? Tell whether you have leadership skills. If yes, then share who has contributed to their development. In case, you can’t boast perfect leadership qualities, write that you are working in this direction. Explain how you can contribute to the chosen profession. Do you have any professional achievements? Don’t hesitate to boast them! Boasting isn’t good but there is no any other way to join the number of lucky ones who have got an opportunity to study at Harvard

Prompt 6: Think of books you have read lately: This topic implies that you provide a list of the books that you have read within last months. Take into account that the topic of the favorite book is also included in the list of the optional tasks for students. So make sure that you can add some information writing about other books not repeating the information once again if you have already submitted a paper on the same topic. Choose the book that impressed you the most and make it clear why you would recommend others to read it

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