Students compose different academic papers. All of them should show the writing skills, the level of knowledge and how good a student’s comprehension is. Some of them likewise reveal some additional personal traits. Thus, many students write a Harvard extracurricular activity essay.
This specific piece of writing is important and has benefits for students. It may be compared with an admission essay. It shows extra qualities of the applicant, which may hugely contribute to the general evaluation of his or her academic abilities.
The definition of this assignment is concluded within its name. It should reveal some extra or additional qualities, which are not the part of the academic curriculum. The typically available activities are team sports, competitions in foreign languages, debate teams, chess clubs, student governing and/or publications. In addition, one may name politics, business, interests in photography and even attendance of the choir.
All these things count as well. Though they seem not be related to academic score, they may potentially play the defining role in your evaluation from the part of the admission committee. Sometimes, students may have equal results but there is only one position per three or more students. Under the condition, you have such essay it may help you to receive the desired promotion.
Consequently, you should take this matter seriously. Learn all necessities of this assignment. Know how to write Harvard extracurricular essay and your chances for success will sufficiently enhance. We have prepared a special section in our guide. It will teach you a few prompts on this essential matter.

How to Write an Extracurricular Essay Properly

As with any other academic assignment, an extracurricular activities essay for Harvard college has definite requirements. For instance, the Harvard extracurricular essay word limit is variable. Some institutions ask to write over 500 words. The others set the limit up to 500 words. Some require only 150-word essays, which are very brief but highlight only the most significant facts.
Therefore, you should determine this, as well as many other crucial aspects. These are the deadline (it is commonly 10-15 minutes only), writing format, corresponding language and something of the kind.
If you are determined to compose this assignment, consider its types. There are three of them. Depending on the chosen type, you should build your strategy and disclose the main argument. The extracurricular activities types are as follows:
Passion Projects
Rockstar Achievements
One Hit Wonders
The first type seems to be the easiest. Such project may be written about the things you love. This may not be associated with your academics at all. The main objective is to write it in a beautiful language, appropriate format and clearly reflect your feelings when you undertake the thing(s) you are fond of.
The second type is more complicated. Firstly, you are expected to show your achievements. It may be your leadership skills, encouragement abilities and so on. Secondly, you should possess those achievements. You cannot make a story, which is not real. It will be checked and you may be caught on a lie.
The third version is a thing that you did once. However, you cannot describe something insignificant. It ought to be some outstanding event in your life, which had a great value for you and possibly for some other people as well. Undoubtedly, this event should be positive.

Why Extracurricular Activities Are Important Essay

Your extracurricular activities paper is of great importance. Students commonly practice it because it creates additional chances to get into the desired educational institution. A student should reflect the real things he or she undertook. They are likewise positive in general. All those activities may help to take off some pressure. Some children experience different problems and extra activities help to lessen tension and forget about current difficulties.
Essay extracurricular activities or work experiences are essential for your possible success in studies and the future job. Depending on the chosen or assigned essay type, craft an impressive and effective personal paper. Write about something very personal. You are free to write in an official style to approach your best traits from the professional angle.
Your essay may report the following points:
The way you have earned recognition
How you achieve success
How you cope with difficulties
Demonstration of leadership potential
Achievements in sports
Achievements in development of social ties, etc.
Pick up one of these themes and use it as a guideline of your project. Write about your favorite extracurricular essay. Use the power of creativity. Don’t forget to be honest. The members of the admission committees are professionals. Therefore, they’ll definitely identify who tells the truth and who tries to depict things with a purpose to deceive.
In the occasion, you lack some topic ideas or are not quite sure how to compose such assignment look for support. Luckily, there are various options. For instance:
Essay writing agencies
Online samples
Examples of other students
Consultations of competent writers
Consultations with your teachers
Feedback from peer students
Feedback from experienced relatives and/or friends
As you can see, there are lots of variants. Use any of them. However, it would be wiser to make use out of several from this list.
Don’t pass up a nice opportunity to show a bit more about yourself. Do not brag. Reveal your true nature and impress other people with your talents.