After school, most students dream about different colleges and universities. Some aim at pretty down-to-earth institutions. In the meanwhile, others wish to attend famous and popular educational institutions. Amongst such, one should obligatorily mention the Harvard University.
This is one of the pinnacles of educational desires throughout the globe. Even if you have no chance to go to this university, you still have heard some piece of information about it. If you really have some chances, you ought to do your best. Thus, a simple Harvard optional essay may become a serious test.
Harvard optional essay writing is not an easy test at all. The first obstacle is fear. Many applicants are convinced they won’t cope with it. They are afraid of failure because the requirements of such renowned institution are supposed to be tough and demanding. Accordingly, many fail simply because they cannot handle their own anxiety. The second obstacle has been mentioned in the first one. The requirements are really tough. Therefore, only really gifted writers who know different disciplines can pass this test with success.
Nonetheless, it is possible to compose a Harvard supplement essay optional successfully. The answer for this matter is concluded within the name of this assignment. You have a free choice. Choose the topic and problem you wish to cover. In most occasions, students prefer to disclose themes, which are associated either with their academic success or problems.
The Harvard optional essay college confidential is the first step to receive a chance to attend this famous university. If you fell behind the curriculum, you might experience some difficulties, which were not dependent on you. For instance, you might be sick for some period of time. Accordingly, this is a reasonable and honest factor that interfered with your progress. Tell what steps you are going to undertake to overcome those difficulties and why you should be accepted to Harvard. This is another form of an admission essay.

How to Write Harvard Optional Essays: The Main Points

In general, an optional essay is supposed to cover the following necessities:
Clarify your undergraduate performance
Mention your scores
Explain your history
Mention special circumstances
Introduce your awards, successes, and recognition
Though you are supposed to compose an effective essay to get into Harvard, you should calm down your nerves. No matter what educational institution you are going to apply for, remember that this assignment is pretty easy. It is actually typical and you should not be afraid of it. Your main objective is to specify certain difficulties and tell how you can overcome them to become a progressive student.
It’s necessary to tell about your achievements. Even though you’ve failed in some cases, don’t grow pessimistic. Show what you’ve gained. Mention your academic progress and scores, especially if you fell behind and managed to catch up with the norms.
Tell a bit about your story. Mention the difficult circumstances, which lingered your progress. Afterward, tell about the ways you’ve handled troubles. If you have special awards, recognition and experienced all kinds of success, make sure you mention them as well.
This assignment type is somehow similar to an admission essay. You are free and welcome to choose the topic you wish to discover yourself. Show how skillful student you are and reveal the true desire to continue studying at the preferred educational institution (Harvard). Your assignment consists of three typical parts:
Main plot

How to Write a Harvard Business School Optional Essay

When it comes to optional essays for business school, the task has only some differences. Here again, it’s necessary to talk about academic weakness. Nonetheless, don’t make the main stress on them. Instead of excuses mention your strong traits. Express confidence that you can achieve great success and tell how you are going to succeed.
As you are targeted at a future job, your essay should never have a gap. Even when the semester is over and you may relax, make sure you are engaged in some work. This may be volunteering. It would be good if your part-time employment is related to your major.
At times, students decide to switch the career. If this is your case, give reasons why you have decided to change careers. Afterward, tell why the new direction is more important and beneficial for you, your institution, and potential employers. Mention all real facts, which prove that you are a worthy student.
Your introduction should briefly describe what you are going to disclose. State the thesis. Make it convincing, clear and captivating.
Your plot is supposed to develop your thesis statement. Try to add as many facts as possible. However, don’t overdo. Be straight to the point. If you highlight your recent academic achievements, tell about them.
The conclusion should briefly report your main argument. Underline the most important points once again. Express enthusiasm and true desire to become a student of the chosen university.

A Couple of Words about Harvard MBA Optional Essay

If you wish to acquire the place at Harvard, you should successfully compose a Harvard acceptance essay. As it has been already highlighted above, the structure of such assignment is quite similar to most essays. It’s likewise essential to know other details. These are:
Writing style
The correct language choice
Harvard optional essay word limit
Correct references
Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
Every detail counts. Therefore, one should always be attentive with the slightest requirements to this, as well as many other assignments. The great oceans consist of billions of small drips. Smaller elements make the picture come bigger and complete. Keep on reminding yourself about this simple but important truth.