So, how to write an essay that can give you the opportunity to study at Harvard? Are there are special tips and tricks that those who are successful use? Are there any secrets that can bring you to this so much wished university?
Harvard essay writing isn’t as complicated as many believe. Well, maybe because everybody believes that it shall be something extremely elaborate, they fail. The truth is that a Harvard essay, like any other essay, follows a standard scheme, and steps to write it are standard, as well:
You should get acquainted with the topic
Select sources that you will use
Read the sources
Write down important ideas and citations
Create the essay plan
Write your essay
Revise it
And, finally, submit it
That is a common plan that is valid for any kind of paper. However, there are some Harvard essay prompts that are important. Actually, those prompts are crucial and those who know and follow them, pass.

Harvard Essay Prompts, or How to Write It Successfully

So, Harvard is a hard nut to crack, however, some students do it. It means it is possible. Such students follow rather simple tips and make it as Harvard wants it. So, what are those tips? And, actually, what does the Harvard admission committee expects from you?
First of all, you are a potential student. That’s why they want to know you. No, they don’t want to read your biography. Basics are important but only to give them an idea of your age and background. And that’s it. They want to know your personality and intellectual abilities. Those are the things that are important to be able to study. And here is where the most complicated part comes.

Essay Requirements Harvard: They Are Important to Follow

So, in an essay about yourself, you may want to share some situations where you had to act in a noble way. Nobility is a feature that Harvard teachers are trying to bring up in their students. Show your active position in life, your attitudes, your values. These are things that are important to study in this establishment

Why Harvard Essay? – You May Want to Answer This Question

And this is an important question. Nobody wants people who came by accident. If your decision to go to study at Harvard has been made long ago, tell your story. Was it a special moment that made you decide to study there? Was there any situation that influenced your mind? So, “Why I want to go to Harvard Essay” may be more successful than any scientific essay.
However, if you have already any achievements in science, that can be a huge advantage for you. Have any developments been done already? How can you continue your research at Harvard? How can Harvard profit from it?
And in general, if you ask Harvard students, what their successful essay was, they will reply “The essay that got me into Harvard was my essay”. That might sound strange, but this is the fact. Don’t use any samples for your writing. The admission committee has seen lots of papers, just believe it. They will detect any artificial paper immediately.
Don’t overdo with stable expressions and clichés. They might sound nice, but only to a very limited extent. If you overdo with them, your essay will not sound natural. And, finally, be sincere. Sincerity is something that one can feel even between the lines.

Is an Essay Really Needed?

And, finally, the essay isn’t included in the list of mandatory documents. Many students just ignore it. So, does Harvard require essay? Yes, it does, even though the task isn’t mandatory. Well, you aren’t obliged to write it, however, it gives you a huge advantage compared to those who don’t submit it. And that already makes sense, doesn’t it?
Yes, everybody understands, that writing isn’t the strongest side of everybody. Some people are great scientists or other kinds of specialists, but they simply cannot write. Some applicants are so overloaded that they don’t have a single free second even for the basic needs. Writing? Just forget about it. However, they could be amazing students.
Why should you stress yourself out with things that are simply not yours? Check a professional writing service and order your admission paper from a professional writer. This way, you will manage to get a perfect essay and to save your time.


Any essay is just an essay, a paper. Practically everybody can handle it, however, the quality will be different depending on the person`s knowledge and abilities. That’s why, if you are writing your paper on your own, do everything properly and don’t forget to revise it. If you are ordering it, make sure you are doing it from a professional reputable source.