Harvard is a respectable institution, and if you have been accepted there, you are a lucky guy. However, what could you advise those who are trying to get there? What shall applicants do in order to be able to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world?
Earlier, Harvard requested just reference documentation and some supplementary documents. Nowadays, however, students are asked to provide an essay as a part of their application process, as well. Many believe, that this essay is optional, however, for many, this is an additional chance to be accepted.

How to Write Your Essay to Get “Your Harvard College Essays Accepted” Notification

Those essays are rather tricky, and every year, students are struggling with them. So, how should you write your essay to be accepted? What should you include in this life-paper? In what manner should you write?
You may be surprised to know, that a college essay Harvard, is a usual essay, and, in the first line, it should comply with the common requirements of any essay. So, first of all, you should follow these common tips:
be specific
write in a simple-to-read manner
include in your essay some hook
engage the reader
follow a standard essay structure
These are the basics, that work for any kind of essay, for any institution, including Harvard. If these rules aren’t followed, you won`t move. However, just these rules aren’t enough for a perfect paper. what details are lacking though?

Some Harvard College Essay Prompts for a Perfect Paper

There are some features that are specific to a Harvard essay. Well, to be open, you cannot just write about anything. Your essay is one of the most important parts of your application. Just imagine that you have to select a person who will be around for years. How would you do it?
Correct, based on the documents the person provides. But if that application provides something more individual, more personal, like an essay, that is definitely an advantage. Actually, if you feel, that your documents have little chances to give you a place at the college, you better add an essay. Here are Harvard college application essay prompts that you need to consider:
It is better for you to provide an essay because it allows the college admission committee to get to know you better. It increases your chances to be admitted significantly.
In the essay, you have to show yourself. Make sure they understand, that you are special, and make sure you explain to them that you are the best candidate. For that, an essay about yourself serves the best.
But what should you do if you aren’t willing to provide any information about yourself? Well, maybe a good choice will be an essay about some event from your life? We aren’t talking just about an ordinary event, but rather about something life-determining. Maybe, it can be something that has influenced your decision to study at Harvard?
Okay, even if the previous point sounds too personal, why to share some intellectual experience? What about sharing your impression of a book that you have read recently? If not a book, then, a movie, or a program would be good, as well.
Harvard is a reputable institution that concentrates its attention not only on teaching students but on educating them about the life principles and life values. You can play with it, as well. Why don’t you want to describe in your essay an event that required from you some special actions? A students Harvard college essay should be connected with the college.

Some Special Tips for Your Essay to Be Accepted

If you aren’t willing to provide any personal information in your essay, better don’t write the essay at all. If you send something filled with clichés and common phrases, you will ruin your chances, even though other supporting documentation might look great.
From the other side, if you have something special to share, you better do it. Make it really unique. Share experiences, that will surprise and amaze your reader. They are interested in applicants who can make something useful, who can create something unique and amazing.
Moreover, they usually want to see people who aim to develop themselves and to develop the university community. Hence, it is not always useful to concentrate on your ambitions only. If you are already applying to study at Harvard, make sure you have something to offer. What can you bring in the college society? Are you willing to collaborate to make the college life better? Do you feel that you have something special to offer? Then, use this idea for Harvard college essay writing.
Also, don’t forget to mention that your condition isn’t a static one. You are developing and working constantly. Show this on some examples. What have you achieved during last time? What are you planning to do further? Harvard is interested in those who are developing constantly.


Among the Harvard college essays that worked, you will not find something plain and standard. Otherwise, the college wouldn’t be taking leading positions among educational institutions of the world. But if nothing comes to your mind, you better get help from professional writers, just to make sure this part works out fine.