Harvard is a special institution, so, you have definitely heard about it, haven’t you? But if you decided to submit your application for study there, that may be a very challenging task. You will need to submit a number of supporting documents. But you will have more chances if you send an admission essay for Harvard.
So, the main task is now to write a perfect paper, so, that you get accepted immediately. How to write it, however? Are there any helpful tips that could help you in writing this important task? Well, to start with, even this kind of essays has a common structure:
Main part
Are you surprised? However, this is the standard structure for any kind of essay. All depends on what you fill this structure with. And if you are writing an essay for Harvard, the content should be special. So, what should you write in your paper?

Harvard Admission Essay Prompts That Will Help You Out

So, if you want to be accepted, you should write it. You may be wondering if there are any options. Well, this is not a mandatory task. That is why, many students believe, this task is optional. However, it is better if you have it.
Your essay may be very helpful if your other documentation isn’t very convincing. Actually, your writing assignment might get those points that are lacking for you to pass. But be aware, that if your paper isn’t good enough, you can lose even those opportunities that are already available.
So, what should you write about? First of all, you need this paper to introduce you. So, the content should be appropriate. Maybe you can write something interesting about yourself? Why have you decided to apply for studying at Harvard?

What Harvard Admission Essay Questions Are Important?

Well, not everybody believes, such things are okay for an essay. Then, among Harvard admission questions may be those that are connected with your scientific or other relevant activity. Have you made already some researches? Or maybe you are a co-author of a relevant publication? That is a huge advantage and should be mentioned while applying.
Well, even if you haven’t managed to do much in a scientific field, you still have a chance. Why are you applying to exactly this educational institution? Why should the admission committee be interested in you? How are you going to develop the university society?
If you believe that you have something to offer, don’t hope that the admission committee will guess that. Inform them of any reasons you might have, and persuade them, that your reasons are important for them, as well.

Are There Any Special Requirements?

Harvard admission requirements are rather usual. Your paper should be written in an easy-to-read manner. This is important if you want your reader to perceive all information that you give there. And if you want to be accepted, you better make it clear, why you are the best candidate.
You might be surprised, but those admissions essays accepted by Harvard aren’t written in a super-scientific language, neither are they written with elaborate language and expressions. First of all, they are sincere and unique.
You might think that if you find beautiful clichés, you will create something impressive. You might believe, that some nice samples combined in a super smart way will lead you to success. But you aren’t right. The admission committee understands your reasons. Also, they understand, what they are looking for.
So don’t look for samples. It is better to think what special you had in your life. Maybe, some event, that has influenced your life? Or what about explaining reasons why you want to study at Harvard? And here as well, don’t use standard phrases, because everybody knows that this is a world-leading university.

Are You Ready to Write?

Harvard admissions essays aren’t as complicated as many think. There are some specific details, which you already know. However, there is one more important thing to consider. Yes, some people are just unwilling to share their personal things. Yes, some people simply cannot write, they don’t have writing skills.
Are you one of them? Then, don’t write anything. Just don’t send this Harvard admission essay. You can be sure, that, instead of sending something inappropriate, you had better not send anything. A badly written essay may spoil everything, even though other documents might be perfect.


There are cases when it is better to write an essay. There are cases when it is better not to submit an essay if you can do it. If you, for some reason, cannot write it properly, but you have a doubt, if you will be accepted without an essay, the solution is easy. Why not order your paper from a professional writer? This way, you ensure the needed quality, and you will not be wasting time and efforts.